eK Power 6

The eK Power 6 power strip has six color-coded, 10 A sockets that can be independently used, wirelessly controlled, and monitored in real-time, and also has built-in safety features programmed to protect any high-tech equipment connected to the system.

Real-time energy report


Protection against power outages

The eK Power 6 protects your corals and livestock by disconnecting some devices and continuing the operation of others according to the preprogrammed action.


Overcurrent Protection

When the current exceeds a pre-specified value, the eK Power 6 will shut down the device to protect your tank from damage due to device malfunction.

Switching Equipment

Skimmer- AquaMaxx
- Reef Octopus
Media reactor- Two Little Fishies
- AquaMaxx
- Reef Octopus
Heater- Eheim
- Finnex
- Cobalt Aquatics
Chiller- Up
- Tunze
Ozone- Ozotech Poseidon
- Ultralife
UV Sterilizer- Pentair Aquatics
- Aqua UV 8