Perfect Habitat


  • Easy to use
  • Remote control
  • Fully customizable
  • Share your tank
  • Maximum compatibility
  • Future-proof
Experience the Convenience of a Smart Aquarium

Limitless Possibilities

Reefkeeping has never been so easy.

Your eKoral devices take over time-consuming day-to-day maintenance so that you can enjoy your aquarium.

When you want to make fine adjustments, you can use your mobile device to easily adjust the light, temperature, and flow within your setup.


Not at home? Not a problem.

Stay in touch with your tank anytime, anywhere.

Your aquarium is always within reach, no matter where you are. With the help of cloud-based technology, you can remotely monitor and control your setup via your smartphone or tablet.


Multiple settings. One touch.

Perfectly simple to set up.
With our “Scene” functionality, group multiple devices, settings and schedules together into one scenario, and make it all happen with a single tap.


One app to do it all.

Countless possibilities - all under your control.

Create rules and preferred schedules for your aquarium and let the eKoral app do all the work. Want to set up an Automatic Top-Off (ATO)? Set an inverse light schedule for your sump and display tank? No problem; eKoral has you covered.


Real-Time 24/7

Monitor and protect your fish in a smart way.

The eKoral app continuously monitors your aquarium and alerts you if there are any abnormalities detected. Keep an eye on your fish via real-time video feed by installing a compatible webcam.


Maximum Compatibility

The perfect match.

The eKoral system supports a variety of devices that are easily found online and in retail stores, and eKoral cables come with the most common connectors for aquarium accessories on the market.


The eKoral cables come with the most common connectors.



- Tunze (6055 / 6095 / 6105 / 6155 / 6255)



- Orphek (PR72 / DIF100V5)
- ReefSpectrum (P47)


Audio plug

- Kessil (A360 / A360WE / A160WE)
- AquaticLife (Halo LED)
- OCTO (VarioS 2 / 2S / 4S / 6 / 6S / 8)
- Royal Exclusive (Red Dragon 3 Speedy)