eK Lite

The eK Lite is eKoral’s economical aquarium controller that helps your aquarium thrive in a smart way.

Not only will the eKoral Lite allow for you to remotely monitor your aquarium, but it will alert you if your tank conditions shift outside of its expected range. The next time you have to leave your aquarium behind, there will be no need to worry; the eKoral system has your back.

The eK Lite has 5 different ports: they connect to an adapter, light, level sensor, temperature probe, and a pH/ORP probe. It also communicates with a wireless, remotely controllable power bar: the eK Power Lite.

24-Hour Real-time Monitoring

The eK Lite continuously monitors water quality and the status of your devices, automatically adjusting outputs to provide the ideal environment for your reef.

24-Hour Real-time Monitoring
User Friendly App Interface

User Friendly App Interface

Supported by iOS and Android, the eKoral app has an easy and intuitive interface to monitor and control your tank.
Dashboard: Access the latest data from your aquarium.
Rules and schedules: Automatically control your devices by programming triggers.
Scene: Set a scene by setting multiple devices with one tap.

eKoral Simulator

Utilizing fine control over connected lights and wave pumps, the eK Lite will be able to simulate natural habitats from around the world, providing your fish and corals with the environment they evolved to live in.

eKoral Simulator

Highly Expandable

- Cable
- WiFi
- Bluetooth

Synced with the eKoral Cloud

- Access your aquarium anytime, anywhere
- Never lose your data

Future Proof

- OTA (over-the-air) updates
- 1-year Warranty

Information Security

- Account verification
- Personal security key
- SSL connection